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3 Tips When Filing For Bankruptcy

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In order to make sure that you are seeking financial relief from tremendous debt, you will need to file for bankruptcy. This is a decision that is never taken lightly, due to the fact that it stays on your record and can be a tedious process to go through. If you are thinking that you will need to undergo bankruptcy, there are some tips to remember. Follow these tips below so that you make the most of bankruptcy and look toward the light at the end of the tunnel.  #1: Learn The Requirements Of Filing For Bankruptcy When undergoing the...

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3 Tips For Getting Through A Divorce

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The key to being capable of getting past a legal breakup may rest in knowing what to do. Divorce is never easy, and you will want to be fully aware of how to reduce the stress that accompanies this challenging time in life. Being aware of tips that can assist you in feeling better through this entire ordeal is sure to be of great help to you. Tip #1: Plan ahead One of the things that can significantly help you during a divorce is taking the time to plan ahead for it. The chances are high that you may know that the relationship is ending and...

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Three Signs It’s Time To Hire A Special Education Lawyer

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As a parent, you want to make sure that your child receives the best education possible. If your child has special needs, it is frustrating when you feel like the school district isn’t on the same page. Hiring a special education lawyer helps ensure that your child gets the education he or she is entitled to. Check out some of the signs that it is time to consult a special education attorney to help you face the school system. 1. You Don’t Know Your (and Your Child’s Rights) With so many laws and regulations governing...

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3 Actions To Take If Your Child Does Not Want To See The Non-Custodial Parent

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Visitation can be tricky when the child involved does not want to see the non-custodial parent. When your child expresses his or her desire not to go see the other parent, you could be put in an awkward position. Failing to follow the agreed-upon child custody order could land you in hot water with the family court. If your child is refusing to see the other parent, here are some tips for handling the situation.   Talk to Your Child Divorce can leave each party involved feeling hurt and angry. Your child is not exempt from...

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Faqs About Addressing The Care Of Special Needs Children During Divorce

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In a divorce involving children, both parents have to take into consideration custody, support, and other issues that impact their well-being. When a child with special needs is involved, there are special considerations that must be made to ensure the child is properly cared for. If you and your spouse are divorcing, here are some potential considerations that should be made.   Who Pays Medical Costs? Even if you and your spouse have reached an agreement on who will provide health care insurance for your child, you still have...

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When Filing For Bankruptcy Is A Good Idea

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You may think that filing for bankruptcy is never a good idea. While there is certainly some stigmatization attached to bankruptcy, there are some good times and good reasons to file. Here are some examples of when filing for bankruptcy is a good idea. You Have Won the Lottery and Do Not Want Your Creditors to Take Your Money Just when you think it would never happen, you win the lottery. Not just any lottery, but the big, big jackpot. While most people may be inclined to pay off their debts with some of this money, the truth is...

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Estate Planning For Couples That Are Not Married

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Estate planning can be simplified when it is for a married couple. When one person passes away, many assets are automatically transferred to the spouse without having to deal with much legal paperwork. If you and your partner have decided not to get married for whatever reason, know that you lose out on a lot of those benefits that come with being married. You may be living together, have bought property, and have many shared assets. Without proper estate planning, there can be a ton of problems that will happen when someone passes away or...

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Whistleblowing: What It Is And How Employees Can Be Protected

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In order to fairly treat an employee while also providing a proper place for employees to report any illegal offenses by their employer, many laws and procedures have been enacted to protect them from retaliation due to reporting the behavior. This is known as whistleblowing in the workplace, and there are often many questions that employees have about the process and whether or not they will be treated fairly. How Is Whistleblowing Covered Under The Law? Whistleblowers are protected under laws governed by OSHA and the Department of Labor....

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Working Under Fire: Dealing With Workplace Sexual Harassment

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For most people, a job is not simply a place to earn money to pay the bills, but an opportunity to use their talents in a creative and useful manner. The time may come, however, when you dread going to work due to workplace sexual harassment. At first, you may have told yourself that it would stop when you ignored it or used humor to deal with it or just let the harasser know that you are not interested in them in that way. You should know that this problem seldom, if ever, simply goes away on its own, and that you have the right to work...

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3 Ways to End Your Marriage

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Getting a divorce can be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. The many challenges you may go through could be physical, emotional, or financial. This makes it critical to find efficient and useful ways that can help you reduce the difficulty of getting a divorce. The best way to make this happen is by selecting the method of ending your legal union that best suits your situation. By knowing some of the more common ways to divorce, you may be better prepared for your divorce. At-fault divorce If you can prove your spouse...

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