3 Steps To Take After Being Arrested For A DUI

15 February 2016
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Most states now take a very hard stance on DUI charges, and the repercussions for being found guilty for driving under the influence can be harsh. If you have been arrested for DUI, what you do afterwards can make a big difference. After a DUI arrest, it is in your best interest to take the following steps: Immediately Contact a Lawyer One of the best things you can do after being arrested for suspected DUI is retain the services of an experienced and reputable DUI lawyer--like those at Kassel & Kassel A Group of Independent Law Offices and other firms. Read More 

Three Reasons Why It Pays To Have A Car Accident Attorney On Your Side

27 January 2016
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If you've been in a serious car accident, one of your initial decisions to make will be to choose whether or not you wish to pursue legal action against the other person involved. Upon deciding to move forward legally, you'll face a second decision -- whether to attempt to represent yourself or hire an attorney to take care of these matters on your behalf. Don't make the mistake of thinking self-representation is a walk in the park. Read More 

Frequently Asked Questions Of Defamation Laws & Injury Claims

14 October 2015
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Defamation laws are anything but clean-cut, and proving defamation is difficult. While slander and libel are not considered to be criminal issues, they are considered civil wrongs. What you may deem free speech could be an infraction according to the law. If you are pursuing a defamation suit or are being pursued by somebody who is, understanding the laws is essential to building a strong case. What is defamation? Defamation is a statement, which can be spoken, written, gestured, or illustrated, that is considered damaging and untrue. Read More 

Injuries From Falling On Stairs: Do You Have A Legal Case?

23 July 2015
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Have you recently suffered an injury from a fall on a staircase? If so, then you may be wondering if you have a so-called "slip and fall" case against the property owner. This is not always easy to determine, as there are various factors to consider before committing yourself to a potentially time-consuming legal case. Here is a look at some of the key considerations involved.  Disrepair One key question to ask is if the stairs properly maintained. Read More 

3 Steps to Protect Yourself if You Are Accused of Sexual Assault

11 February 2015
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Sexual assault or rape is a serious offense that can a lengthy jail sentence in addition to destroying your reputation within your community. It is always important to make sure you have full consent of your sexual partner before attempting to engage in any sexual activity. The lines can unfortunately be blurred sometimes when alcohol is involved and an activity that you thought was consensual can end up being viewed differently by the other party. Read More