What Makes Traumatic Brain Injury Cases Legally Different?

31 October 2022
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Traumatic brain injury claims and lawsuits have many similarities to other types of injury cases. However, several key factors distinguish them legally from claims involving most other types of incidents. A TBI attorney will want to discuss these three issues with the client and eventually include them in any filing with an insurer or court. Catastrophic Injuries Foremost, brain injury cases tend to be far more likely to involve catastrophic harm to the victim. Read More 

Causes Of Fatigue Among Truckers And How To Get Justice After A Collision Caused By This Issue

3 October 2022
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Truckers who operate semis while experiencing fatigue put other road users at risk. Exhaustion affects their concentration, which increases the probability of causing collisions. In many cases, motorists crossing paths with a fatigued trucker must react fast to prevent accidents. If this is not possible, it can lead to a serious crash that might make you suffer severe injuries. This article discusses some reasons for fatigue among truckers and the process of seeking justice if you're involved in a collision caused by an exhausted driver. Read More 

3 Facts You Should Know About Hiring A Truck Accident Attorney

13 September 2022
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Thankfully, most people will go through their entire life without needing to hire a truck accident attorney. Unfortunately, this lack of personal experience can also leave many people unsure of what to expect if the need for these legal services does arise. If you have found yourself in this situation, taking the time to review the three facts below can help you to better understand what you can expect when consulting a truck accident attorney and how these legal services can prove beneficial after you've been involved in an accident. Read More 

Get The Information You Need From Your Workers’ Compensation Attorney

12 August 2022
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When a worker is hurt on the job, they may turn to workers' compensation insurance for support. Those workers may be entitled to several forms of coverage such as medical bills and disability wages. In some cases, though, things don't go well with the claim and the worker is turned down for benefits. When a hurt worker is unable to get the benefits they deserve, they may need the services of a workers' compensation lawyer. Read More 

Injured In A Car Accident? 3 Things You Should Not Do Before Talking To A Car Accident Lawyer

15 July 2022
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Did you recently suffer injuries as the result of a car accident? If so, consulting a car accident lawyer about your case can play a major role in getting you the financial compensation that you deserve. To ensure your lawyer can produce the best possible results in your case, there are a few actions that you will need to avoid until you have had a chance to talk to your lawyer. Read More