3 Actions To Take If Your Child Does Not Want To See The Non-Custodial Parent

18 December 2016
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Visitation can be tricky when the child involved does not want to see the non-custodial parent. When your child expresses his or her desire not to go see the other parent, you could be put in an awkward position. Failing to follow the agreed-upon child custody order could land you in hot water with the family court. If your child is refusing to see the other parent, here are some tips for handling the situation. Read More 

Faqs About Addressing The Care Of Special Needs Children During Divorce

30 November 2016
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In a divorce involving children, both parents have to take into consideration custody, support, and other issues that impact their well-being. When a child with special needs is involved, there are special considerations that must be made to ensure the child is properly cared for. If you and your spouse are divorcing, here are some potential considerations that should be made.   Who Pays Medical Costs? Even if you and your spouse have reached an agreement on who will provide health care insurance for your child, you still have to factor in those expenses that extend beyond the coverage. Read More 

When Filing For Bankruptcy Is A Good Idea

28 November 2016
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You may think that filing for bankruptcy is never a good idea. While there is certainly some stigmatization attached to bankruptcy, there are some good times and good reasons to file. Here are some examples of when filing for bankruptcy is a good idea. You Have Won the Lottery and Do Not Want Your Creditors to Take Your Money Just when you think it would never happen, you win the lottery. Not just any lottery, but the big, big jackpot. Read More 

Estate Planning For Couples That Are Not Married

7 November 2016
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Estate planning can be simplified when it is for a married couple. When one person passes away, many assets are automatically transferred to the spouse without having to deal with much legal paperwork. If you and your partner have decided not to get married for whatever reason, know that you lose out on a lot of those benefits that come with being married. You may be living together, have bought property, and have many shared assets. Read More 

Whistleblowing: What It Is And How Employees Can Be Protected

18 October 2016
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In order to fairly treat an employee while also providing a proper place for employees to report any illegal offenses by their employer, many laws and procedures have been enacted to protect them from retaliation due to reporting the behavior. This is known as whistleblowing in the workplace, and there are often many questions that employees have about the process and whether or not they will be treated fairly. How Is Whistleblowing Covered Under The Law? Read More