How A Family Lawyer Can Draft Up An Estate Plan

12 December 2014
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Death is an inevitable experience that everyone must go through at some point in life. You can experience death when it is least expected, so you must have an estate plan in place for your protection. In this article, you will find out how a family lawyer can draft up an estate plan on your behalf and the cost to hire one.

How Can a Family Lawyer Draft Up an Estate Plan?

A family lawyer can speak with you about your concerns if you fall ill to draft up the perfect estate plan. He or she will create a legal document that grants the appointee of your choice over your finances if you suddenly become incompetent. The individual appointed over your finances will have access to your bank account, so make sure it is someone that is trustworthy. He or she will make sure your bills are paid.

The family lawyer will also ask you how you would like to be treated in an emergency situation, such as if you end up on life support. You can choose another appointee to handle your medical needs, or it can be the same one chosen for your finances. An advance medical directive will be drafted into your estate plan give an appointee authority over your medical decisions.

An estate plan is good to have because it is legally binding in court. If someone tries to contest it, the judge will uphold the document unless there is evidence of neglect. For instance, someone may contest the estate plan if he or she feels like your money is being mishandled.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Family Lawyer?

The cost to hire a family lawyer for drafting up an estate plan can vary. The fees will be at the discretion of the lawyer, so you can get quotes to hire one based on what you can afford. A family lawyer that has been around for a while will likely be more expensive than a newer lawyer. Lawyers generally charge their clients on an hourly rate.

Being prepared in advance for death is a smart decision because it will give you the security that your needs will be in the hands of trustworthy people. The dying process can be much easier to deal with when you are receiving good medical care and your financial needs are met. Hire a family lawyer, such as Woehrle Franklin Dahlberg Jones PLLC, for your estate plan so you can be prepared.