Tips To Ensure That You Win Your Child Custody Case

16 January 2015
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Dealing with a child custody case is an extremely stressful period that is riddled with a number of doubts and fears.  You are likely very concerned about whether or not you will be granted the desired amount of time to spend with your child, and may also be worried about issues such as child support.  While the final decision is definitely up to the judge, there are ways that you can increase the chances that you will have a successful day in court.  Use these tips so you can learn more about what you need to do to ensure a favorable outcome in your child custody case.

Make It All About The Child

Some people who are involved in child custody cases make the mistake of maligning their former partner in front of the judge.  They may bring up all of the other party's shortcomings, as well as try to paint a picture of them as being an unfit parent.

While you may certainly have your own opinions about your former partner, it's important to make your case all about your child.  Attempting to make the child's other parent look bad in front of the judge may end up backfiring on you, with the judge being displeased at your lack of decorum as it pertains to someone that you were once in an intimate relationship with.

Build your case around the fact that you have the time and energy necessary to be a fully committed parent.  This could be demonstrated by something as simple as bringing up how your work schedule permits you to have free afternoons and evenings so you have the time to help your child with their homework and prepare a good dinner.

Everything Counts

An important point to keep in mind when you are dealing with a child custody case is that every bit of information that you transmit to your child's other parent can be used against you in court.  This is so key because it can be very tempting to send a nasty email, or leave a mean voicemail message on the other party's answering machine.  If this information is presented in court, the judge may not look too favorably upon you, and may assume that you are a bit too angry to be a fit parent.

Don't let the anxiety surrounding your child custody case cause you to make critical errors.  Use these tips right away so you can come out on top. Attorneys like the Nelson Law Group PC can help you prepare more fully for your case.