3 Steps to Protect Yourself if You Are Accused of Sexual Assault

11 February 2015
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Sexual assault or rape is a serious offense that can a lengthy jail sentence in addition to destroying your reputation within your community. It is always important to make sure you have full consent of your sexual partner before attempting to engage in any sexual activity. The lines can unfortunately be blurred sometimes when alcohol is involved and an activity that you thought was consensual can end up being viewed differently by the other party.

If you find yourself in this situation, you will need to act quickly to protect yourself. Here are three things you should immediately do upon finding out that someone is accusing you of a sexual offense.

Contact an Attorney

If you are accused of a sexual offense, you need to hire a lawyer such as Novak Lee Atty At Law who specializes in criminal law immediately. It could be very helpful to have an attorney at your side before you agree to an interview with the police. Your attorney will likely also have other suggestions for what you can do to help bolster your case.

Reach Out to Others Who Might Vouch for You

Were you at a party with other people prior to engaging in sex with your accuser? Perhaps one of the other people at the party might have seen something that backs up your version of what happened.

You should obviously consult with your attorney before talking to anyone else about your case, but it could be important to reach out to your friends early on in the investigation to make sure they know your side of the story.

Write Down What Happened in Your Mind

When investigating a sex crime, the police will often interview multiple people and get their account of the event. This includes not just the victim and the accused, but any witnesses who may have seen the two individual interacting before the alleged event took place. It's also possible if the police think you are guilty that they could try and poke holes in your story about what happened.

This is why it is so important to give a full account of exactly what happened with no omissions the first time you are interviewed. Tell the entire story every time you are asked what happened so there is no opportunity for confusion.

Finding yourself accused of sexual assault can be a nightmare, but if you take action quickly, you can give yourself a fighting chance. These three steps will definitely help you start the process on the right foot.