When Road Rage Goes Too Far: What You Should Do

6 August 2015
 Categories: Law, Blog


If you've ever been the victim of road rage, you know it can be a scary situation. One minute you're just peaceably driving down the road, the next minute someone is on your tail screaming every threat or obscenity they can come up with at you. In most cases you're just fine--you hit a green light and you and the road rage loony go your separate ways. In other instances, it can cause a serious car accident. Here is what you need to do when road rage goes too far.

Stay in your vehicle

If someone is mad enough to cause a car accident, imagine how peeved they will be at you once their vehicle has been damaged in the process. Many people who have road rage also have a mental condition called Intermittent Explosive Disorder, or sudden, uncontrollable outbursts when situations get hectic. You may be dealing with someone like this, and you can get very hurt trying to reason with them. Under no circumstances should you get out of your car or even attempt to talk to the road rage offender. Stay in your vehicle, lock your doors, and call the police.

Get an attorney

Once you have created a police report for the incident and exchanged insurance information, your next move is to call a car accident attorney or find one via their website, like http://www.strohllaw.com/. You don't want to have to deal with the angry person who caused your accident on your own. An attorney can help negotiate your case for you so you can get the money you need without being in danger. An attorney can also help you file any harassment or trespassing charges should the road rage offender try to contact you directly after the car accident.

Learn to avoid road rage drivers

Road rage drivers put themselves and those around them in danger. You can tell a road rage driver by their actions on the road. They may be swerving in and out of traffic, yelling at other drivers or blaring their horn, or even flashing their headlights at others to intimidate them. Watch out for this kind of behavior on the road and call the police after moving into another lane or letting them pass you.

When you get into a car accident due to a road rage driver, the situation can become far more scary and dangerous for you. A car accident attorney can help you deal with the offender while you wait for your accident to get resolved.