3 Tips To Boost Your Odds Of Getting What You Want From A Divorce Settlement

29 September 2015
 Categories: Law, Blog


If you're getting divorced, you may be worried about the settlement process and how you can be sure to get what you want out of it. Below are three tips on doing just that and how your family law attorney can assist you.

1. Adjust Your Expectations

While it'd be nice if you could get everything you'd like from the divorce settlement, the odds of that happening are slim to none. Instead, you need to adjust your expectations and pinpoint your priorities.

If you could take away one thing from this divorce, what would it be? If you have children, it's likely that child custody and support are high on that list of priorities. Unless your ex completely concedes and gives you full custody, it's likely you'll have to bend your expectations a bit. If you don't have children, what's high on your priority list? Perhaps it's a fair share of the property that's been acquired during your marriage. This is the most important step of the process – it can be difficult to adjust your expectations, but once your priorities are known, you can work harder for them.

2. Be Upfront With Your Lawyer

There's nothing more harmful during a divorce settlement case than keeping your lawyer in the dark. Every marriage (and divorce) is different, which is why you need to be upfront and tell your lawyer exactly what you're hoping for. It's important that you sit down with your attorney and explain to them clearly what you'd like. Your attorney is on your side, but they must also abide by laws governing divorce. Even if what you want isn't possible, it's still good for your lawyer to know this so they can thoroughly counsel you on what you're entitled to during this time.

3. Give a Little

As mentioned above, adjusting your expectations can go a long way in helping you to get what you truly want. Another big part of getting a favorable settlement, however, is knowing when to bend to your ex's wants.

You can't get everything in the divorce, so refusing to give anything won't help you any. Instead, flexibility can show your ex and their attorney that you're willing to work with them so that both parties can leave satisfied. A divorce doesn't need to be a battle to the death – instead, showing your ex what you're willing to give up so you can get what you want in return can go a long way in making you satisfied with the end result. Making deals and bending a little aren't signs of weakness – doing both of these things just shows that you know what's most important to you and you're willing to do what you must to get it.

Divorce cases can be messy but with the help of an experienced family law attorney, you can come out the other side intact. To learn more about boosting your odds of getting what you want out of your divorce, consult with a family law attorney at Thomas & Associates, PC.