What To Bring To Your First Meeting With A Personal Injury Attorney

21 December 2015
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Whether or not you have a valid personal injury claim can often be determined at your first meeting with an attorney. However, this is only the case if you come prepared. In order to accurately assess your case, there are several important documents you need to bring along with you to your first meeting. Here are just some of the documents you want to bring when you first meet with an attorney.

Medical Records

If you were seen by a medical professional, make sure you bring your records. This is important even if you have only visited your primary care provider a single time. Medical records are important because they provide an official diagnosis for your injuries and provide somewhat of an estimate of your necessary recovery and any additional treatment you might need.

Expense Receipts

Expense receipts include any documentation that backs up your claim for money you have spent. Make sure you understand that expenses don't just include money you have had to pay to a provider. Expenses can even include the money you had to pay to purchase a band aid because of a cut you sustained during the incident. Once your claim progresses, you will be required to provide documentation for any money you claim to have already spent.


If the other party, an attorney representing them or their insurance company has reached out to you, make sure you bring these correspondences with you. In some cases, there might be an offer contained in this information. An attorney can review this documentation to help you determine how to proceed. Remember that correspondences don't just include letters in the mail--voicemails or even a message on social media should be brought with you as well.

Police Report

Bringing the police report is especially important when it comes to a motor vehicle accident. In this type of scenario, the police report is the most important document because it can establish fault. In cases where fault is clearly displayed in the report, the attorney will know how aggressive of an amount they can ask for. If fault has not been established, this will serve as a guideline to help the attorney build your case.

The more prepared you are at your first meeting, the more accurately an attorney can assess the value of your case and the faster you can get your claim started. Make sure you come prepared. If you have more questions, contact an attorney like Steven A. Crifase Ltd.