Social Security Claims With A Lawyer

10 May 2016
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There are many individuals that have had an accident and are unable to work. The accident could have occurred in or out of the workplace. The bottom line is you may not be able to effectively work. In situations such as this and other disability situations, it may become evident that you will need help.

Social security is there to help those that have been injured, or have worked sufficiently long enough to qualify. Social security claims can be very intimidating at times, but there is a very good solution. There are many lawyers that specialize in social security claims. These lawyers will help you get what you need and deserve. This article will outline what to expect when hiring a lawyer to help with a social security claim.

The Initial Call

The first step of hiring a social security lawyer is to call. The call can have two outcomes. The first outcome is that the attorney or a staff member will give you an over-the-phone interview. The interview will give the attorney a general idea of your history. The second outcome is that the attorney will set up an in-person interview. Then the attorney will be looking at your case and trying to develop the facts.

Medical Records

It is going to be important that your lawyer has all the necessary medical records. For this reason, it will be important that you give your attorney access to the records. This will allow the lawyer to further examine your history and decide how best to present the facts. Most lawyers will not charge you for this service until after you have received your claim.  

Odds and Ends

There are so many different aspects to consider when looking at social security claims. Your lawyer is going to be very busy trying to figure out exactly how to present your case. There are many different ways that they can present your case with conviction. Some of the more common methods used is to find witnesses. There may be individuals that can firmly attest to your condition, and these individuals are often used on your behalf. It is also very common for your lawyer to talk with your doctors. There is not going to be anyone that knows your condition better than your doctors. Ultimately, your attorney is going to weigh out many options and present a very good case on your behalf. 

For more information, talk with a social security claims lawyer, such as Glen Cook Social Security Attorney, directly.