The Dangers Of Not Getting Full Whiplash Treatment

28 November 2017
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How many times have you been involved in minor accidents but did not seek any medical treatment afterward? Most people are guilty of this practice simply because seeking medical attention can be a tedious task. You have to wait to be attended to and of course, you will need to present medical insurance. So rather than seeking treatment, after the accident, so long as you have no physical scratches, you usually just go home. You should always seek medical attention after an accident because if you have suffered whiplash, you may need to hire an auto accident attorney.

What is Whiplash?

Whiplash can simply be described as a sudden forward and backward jerking of the head that occurs rapidly. It is very common after accidents, whether they are auto or other. Other injuries that you may get from an accident that may be classified as whiplash are blows to the head and falls. The effects of whiplash may be felt instantly in others, and in some, it may take a few hours or days for you to feel the effects. That is why it is important to be examined after all accidents so an auto accident attorney can claim for damages caused by whiplash.

Symptoms of Whiplash

As mentioned before, the effects of whiplash after an auto accident may not be felt for some time. The truth is, these injuries are unseen and sudden head movements can injure muscles and ligaments around the neck. These injuries cause stiffness tightness and pains in the neck. Whiplash sufferers may also experience headaches and be unable to work for several days and in some instances weeks. Apart from these symptoms, persons suffering from whiplash also experience a lot of discomfort and may decide to self-medicate.

Untreated Whiplash

Whiplash does heal with time, however, if not treated it can cause months of chronic pain. If whiplash is treated, you will get prescription painkillers and therapy to strengthen the muscles around your neck. Even if you have to wear a neck brace, it is for your own benefit. Nonetheless, you should seek medical attention after every accident because if these symptoms occur, hours or days after the accident, it may be difficult to prove that they were as a result of the accident, so you'll have to hire the services of an auto accident attorney. In general, if you think you have any right to a lawsuit or financial compensation, get an accident attorney involved, such as from the firm of Kaston & Aberle.