Denied Disability Insurance Benefits

18 January 2018
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Were you denied disability insurance benefits after filing a claim due to not being able to work from severe back problems? If the insurance based the denial on you refusing to undergo surgery for the condition, you might want to move forward with taking legal action. A disability insurance provider does not have the authority to force you to undergo a surgical procedure that you are not comfortable with. However, winning a case against the company can be difficult to achieve if you don't get help from an attorney. In this article, you will find answers to important questions that you might have in regards to a disability insurance claim denial.

Why Would a Disability Insurance Claim Get Denied? 

The most common reason for a disability insurance claim to get denied is when there is a disbelief that the applicant is disabled. Even if you have gone to your physician and obtained documents about your condition, the insurance company doesn't have to accept them. Basically, the insurance company can based their denial on what they were told about your condition by their private physicians. Another reason for a claim to get denied is from an insufficient amount of medical evidence being provided. Your evidence must fully show that you have a condition that prevents you from being able to continue working.

How Can Assistance from an Attorney Be Helpful?

Assistance from an attorney will be helpful for your situation in several ways. The simple presence of your attorney can be good enough to make the insurance company overturn the denial. The attorney will ensure that more than enough evidence about your disability is obtained, and then he or she will present it to the insurance company. If the company still refuses to give you disability insurance benefits, the attorney will suggest that a lawsuit is filed. He or she will then get the lawsuit started and continue helping you until satisfactory results are obtained.

Can Someone with Disability Insurance Benefits Work?

It is possible for someone who receives disability insurance benefits to work. However, it depends on your specific situation, as well as the company that the benefits are obtained from. In some cases, you will be able to continue receiving the benefits, but the amount will be offset by the income that you are bringing in from work. If the denial for benefits gets overturned, an attorney can review the documentation and let you know if getting a job is allowed.