Tips On Developing An Effective Working Relationship With Your Personal Injury Lawyer

31 July 2018
 Categories: Law, Blog


If you're filing a personal injury lawsuit for the first time and plan to hire an attorney, such as those at Steele Law Offices, LLC,  you might be in the dark about what to expect. The experience is often much different from what you see on television or in the movies and if you have never worked with an attorney before it can sometimes be hard to know how to navigate the process. Arming yourself with a few tips can make the relationship develop in a much more smooth and authentic way. Use the tips that follow to gain a better idea of how to develop an effective working partnership with your personal injury attorney.

Time Is Important

Just as you want to be able to reach your lawyer at a moment's notice when you have questions, the same courtesy should be extended to the lawyer as well. Your personal injury attorney could be juggling several cases that have a lot of moving parts. It's very helpful when they know that you are easily accessible because no one likes to play phone tag.

The key to respecting both your time and that of your attorney is to clearly outline the best way to contact you at any given moment. Maybe you work a job where you can't talk during the day. Let your lawyer know that you keep your mobile phone in your direct line of sight at all times. If the attorney has something to ask you they can send a text or email and you will see it immediately and respond right away. It's these small things that enhance the relationship because it prevents an unnecessary game of phone tag.

Be Factual And Consistent

No one likes to deal with a person who isn't meticulous about keeping good records. It's frustrating to be forced to constantly ask the same questions, make repeated requests for documentation and receive a different statement each time you are asked for a testimony.

Go into the situation knowing that you need to be factual and consistent with everything that you say. Your lawyer will then have more confidence in your claims and this could give them the motivation to go even harder to help you win.

The working relationship that you develop with your attorney plays a role in how everything shakes out. Do your part by being open and honest and you might walk away from the lawsuit as a very happy camper.