Feel Free To Put Your Divorce On Hold In The Following Scenarios

18 November 2018
 Categories: Law, Blog


Many couples decide to move forward with a divorce, only to get partway through the proceedings and then begin to have second thoughts. There's no harm in stopping to re-evaluate things, and you shouldn't be worried that your divorce attorney will pressure you into continuing. Even though divorce attorneys help people end their marriages, they understand the many benefits of staying together — and a good divorce attorney will tell you to explore rebuilding your marriage if you believe there's value in doing so. While you might be tentative to declare that you're no longer divorcing, you can ask your attorney to keep your casework on file if the following scenarios are leading you to slow things down.

Issues With A Child

It's possible that one of your children could develop some serious issues that prompt you and your spouse to decide to stay together at least in the short term. For example, if your child has become ill, you might worry about the stress that he or she would experience upon learning that his or her parents are splitting up. To avoid potentially worsening your child's health because of stress, you might decide to put your divorce proceedings on hold until things with your child become under control.

Employment Problems

If you or your spouse loses his or her job just as you're starting to prepare the paperwork for your divorce, you might decide to put the divorce on hold for a little while. This is especially possible if you're trying to handle things in an amicable manner, as neither of you wants to see the other person strike out on his or her own at the same time that a financial crisis is taking place. Putting your divorce proceedings on the back burner while one of you establishes another job is something that may work well for both of you.

Relationship Changes

It's also possible for you and your spouse to continue working on your relationship to some degree, even as you begin to discuss getting a divorce. Maybe you're going through individual or couples' counseling, for example, and get some tactics that you want to implement in your relationship. This is another time that you can request your attorney to put your divorce plans on hold as you attempt to work things out. In the event that you both decide that divorce will be best, you can then contact your attorney to reopen your file.

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