Common Legal Risks For Businesses

3 October 2019
 Categories: Law, Blog


Modern businesses are extremely complicated legal entities. While being an owner of a business can be highly rewarding, it will also require you to address the numerous potential legal issues that the enterprise could encounter during its existence. More precisely, there are a handful of situations where a business litigation lawyer's services can be useful.

Broken Contracts

Contracts are an essential type of agreement for businesses. These documents will outline the responsibilities of each party in the contact as well as the penalties for breaking these terms. While contracts are routine, there are disputes and other issues that can arise with them. For example, there can be instances where one party fails to uphold its side of the agreement but argues that it was not responsible for that aspect of the agreement. When individuals are failing to honor their agreement or engaging in practices to skirt their responsibilities, a business litigation attorney will be able to represent your business as it takes legal action to enforce the terms of the agreement. In some cases, this can include providing original notes and other communications from the negotiations of the contract as this could show the intent of the parties at the time of the agreement.

Product And General Liabilities

While your business is likely to have tremendous faith and confidence in the products that it is selling, there are liabilities that can arise from providing goods to the public. In particular, product defects or other issues could lead to lawsuits from customers that were harmed. Being able to effectively defend your enterprise against these lawsuits can be vital for ensuring its continued existence. For this reason, your enterprise may wish to retain the services of a business litigation professional ahead of time so that you will be able to quickly respond to these predictable disputes and issues. In addition to product liabilities, you will also be responsible for injuries that occur to individuals visiting your property. This is can relate to slip and fall injuries or other general liabilities. While it is easy to overlook these risks, they can be a sizable portion of your enterprise's risk profile.

Internal Ownership Disputes

Due to the costs involved with owning a modern business, it is common for individuals to join into partnerships to allow them to pool their resources. Unfortunately, disputes among the ownership group can be extremely disruptive for the enterprise. A business litigation attorney can help clients to structure their businesses so that these disputes can be anticipated. This will allow for the matter to be resolved without jeopardizing the core business.