What Happens After Being Booked In Jail?

11 May 2020
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If the police arrest you, they will take you to jail and book you. This process occurs with every arrest, and it is the first step in the criminal law process. If this happens to you, you should try to learn about what happens next. Preparing for what happens next is essential when facing criminal charges, and here are several things you should expect after your arrest.

You Should Find a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Whether you hire a lawyer now or wait until after you attend court, you must hire one. Facing criminal charges alone is trying to survive in an ocean without knowing how to swim. Criminal charges are serious, and the process is not easy. You need a lawyer for advice and help in your case, so start looking for one as soon as you can.

You Must Attend an Arraignment Hearing at the Local Court

Next, you will have a hearing scheduled shortly after your arrest. Typically, the arraignment hearing occurs within a few days of the arrest, and you must attend. This hearing is an essential part of your case, and not showing up is not a good idea. At this hearing, you will learn more about the charges against you, and you will learn about your rights. You may also find out your bail amount while you are there. If you have a lawyer already, he or she will attend the court appearance with you.

You Can Figure Out Your Bail Options

If you have not evaluated your bail options yet, you should start now. The court will announce the bail amount while you are at the arraignment hearing, or you may find out before the hearing. You can choose from a variety of options to get out of jail, and you should talk to your lawyer if you have questions about the bail process.

You Must Work with Your Lawyer to Determine How to Proceed

After all the initial steps listed here, you will have to begin working with your attorney to determine how to proceed with your case. Should you fight the case based on the evidence you have, or should you go to trial? You may also have the option of using a plea bargain to settle the case, and your lawyer will help you decide which route to take.

Hire a Lawyer Today

If you are involved with criminal charges and do not have a lawyer, find one today. You can do so by contacting a criminal defense law firm of your choice.