Evidence That Will Be Helpful In A Truck Accident Injury Case

17 February 2021
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Truck accidents are probably one of the most horrific things motorists could be exposed to. Sometimes even walking away from this ordeal is a miracle. If a rig impacts your vehicle, then it's paramount to gather certain evidence so that you have a valid truck accident personal injury case.

Data Recorders

Most commercial trucks today come with data recorders. They're a device that helps capture relevant diagnostic information on the truck and its performance. This data can show exactly what may have happened to the truck causing the truck driver to hit you on the road.

It's, thus, a valuable resource you want to gather as evidence. Since you can't physically take it out of the trucker's rig yourself, a truck accident lawyer is required. They can submit requests to access this data recorder — showing the exact condition of the truck before it hit your vehicle. It may reveal neglected maintenance and that might help you win one of these cases.

Inspection Records

In order for commercial rigs to stay on the road, they must go through inspections. They exist to document potential problems, whether it's with the rig's engine or brakes. Like data recorders, accessing inspection records could show why the commercial rig hit your vehicle.

Again, you'll need to hire a truck accident lawyer to legally obtain these records from the company that represents the trucker involved in the accident. Your attorney will be able to make sense of these inspection reports, too, and possibly link the accident to a failed inspection step.

Expert Witness

If this truck accident is severe enough to go to court, then hiring a truck accident attorney is key because they can provide access to an expert witness. This will be a specialist in the trucking industry, whether it's a commercial truck driver that knows what can happen to rigs or maybe a professional that analyzes truck accidents for a living.

They can help generate an accurate depiction of how the accident occurred with the commercial rig based on other evidence your attorney will have gathered. As long as the expert witness is credible, their statements can be used as helpful evidence that dramatically affects how things play out moving forward.

Legal action may be the best thing after an accident with a commercial truck. As long as credible evidence is collected, a truck accident injury case can play out in your favor. 

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