When A Corporate Lawyer Is Needed For Security Law Issues

17 February 2021
 Categories: Law, Blog


If the stock market is something you invest in, security law issues can come up that seriously impact your financial situation. Here are a couple of security law situations that could come up that would then need to be sorted out by a skilled corporate attorney as quickly as possible. 

Omission of Facts

Before you make any investment — short-term or long-term — you are entitled to certain facts that will influence your decision to invest or not. Sometimes, the facts you're presented aren't the complete picture. Facts may get omitted and that can lead you to make the wrong investments.

If you believe this has happened with one of your investments, you'll want to speak to a corporate lawyer that deals with security law. They can show proof of this omission and seek compensation for the loss that you've experienced thus far.

Breach of Fiduciary Obligations

You may rely on a broker or a consultant to advise you on investment opportunities. Since this is a legally binding relationship that you are paying for, this party has fiduciary obligations to meet. That essentially means they have to act in your best interests at all times.

If they don't and you believe these obligations were in fact breached, then you have a legal case against this party. A corporate lawyer can help you proceed from here on out by gathering evidence of this breach and putting together a case that enables you to get compensation for the loss.

Failure to Diversify

If you work with an investment advisor, then you may want them to diversify your investments. This is a common tactic used to reduce the amount of investor risk you take on over the years. If your advisor doesn't diversify your investments, then you may have a legal case against them.

You can speak to a corporate lawyer to find out what legal recourse you have for the advisor ignoring your requests to diversify, whether it's because they forgot to or just didn't think it was in your best interest. The added risk that you've taken on can be compensated thanks to a corporate attorney's services.

When you're heavily involved in the stock market as an investor, you may find yourself on the receiving end of complex security legal issues. A corporate lawyer is a professional that can help you sort them out so that financial loss doesn't go unpunished. Reach out to a corporate lawyer like one at the Carter West Law firm to see if you have a case.