Get The Information You Need From Your Workers' Compensation Attorney

12 August 2022
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When a worker is hurt on the job, they may turn to workers' compensation insurance for support. Those workers may be entitled to several forms of coverage such as medical bills and disability wages. In some cases, though, things don't go well with the claim and the worker is turned down for benefits.

When a hurt worker is unable to get the benefits they deserve, they may need the services of a workers' compensation lawyer. These lawyers understand the complexities of workers' comp law in their state and can stand by workers as they go through the appeals process. At your first attorney meeting, you will have questions. Read on for some ideas on what hurt workers need to know at that first meeting.

What Information is Needed?

While you are sure to come away from the meeting with a lot of good information, your lawyer also needs some information about your case. Bring all correspondence from your employer, the insurer, and medical facilities. For instance, bring a copy of your workers' comp claim form, your medical records, and any notes you have about the accident and your treatment. If in doubt about any documentation, bring it.

Do I Deserve Benefits?

Doubt about your case can be difficult to deal with. Your lawyer undoubtedly has experience with cases like yours. They can probably provide you with a good idea of your chances of winning the benefits you need based on the information you bring them. In some cases, your lawyer can explain to you why you may not be eligible for benefits. This is hard to hear but it allows you to move forward. What you should know, however, is that workers' compensation turns deserving workers down for benefits all the time. That is why you should pursue your case.

What Happens Next?

Once your lawyer has reviewed your case, they should be able to tell you what will be happening next. In many cases, the appeal process must be followed. You may be preparing for a deposition, the mediation table, or to appear at a hearing. However, your lawyer may also be negotiating with the workers' comp insurer for a settlement.

How Can I Afford Legal Fees?

If your lawyer agrees that you deserve benefits that have been denied, they will present you with a representation agreement. In most cases, workers' compensation lawyers are not paid until they gain their client's compensation. They don't get paid until you do.

To find out more, speak to a workers' compensation lawyer.