3 Negligent Driver Behaviors That Cause Pedestrian Accidents

1 December 2022
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Most individuals probably think that they will never be a victim of a pedestrian accident. However, it is a common occurrence, and negligent drivers are usually at fault. Sometimes individuals get minor injuries such as scrapes from these accidents. However, every pedestrian who gets hit by a vehicle should seek medical attention to be on the safe side. This applies even if there are not any visible injuries. The onset of pain could come hours after an accident. Unfortunately, there are victims who succumb to injuries from pedestrian accidents. The following points are examples of negligent driver behavior that can cause these types of accidents.

Driving While Fatigued

Drivers may suffer from fatigue if they do not get enough sleep or drive for long distances with taking rest stops. Fatigue causes similar responses in the body as being under the influence. Driver errors are more likely to occur due to diminished response abilities to brake or obey traffic signs and signals. Individuals may go in and out of sleep, which interferes with the ability to focus on the road. 

Illegal Use of a Cell Phone

Some states have laws that prohibit certain cell phone-related activities. Most states have strict laws on texting and driving. Whereas, there are also states that prohibit any type of use of a cell phone by individuals who are considered inexperienced drivers and minors. Some states have laws that prohibit experienced drivers and individuals in the age of the majority from holding their phones while driving. They can use their phones to talk as long as they have a hands-free option and use it. Unfortunately, there are many drivers who get distracted by their phones and hit pedestrians.

Disregard for Traffic Signs and Signal

As egregious as it may sound, there are many drivers who disregard traffic signs and signals. They may not come to a complete stop at familiar points where stop signs are installed. Some drivers do not yield to pedestrians. There are others who run red lights. Many crossguards have suffered injuries and lost their lives due to negligent driving. Drivers who go over the speed limit may also cause pedestrian accidents.

A pedestrian accident attorney is a good resource to use to learn more about getting compensation. Victims are likely to be contacted by the drivers' insurance companies and be offered a settlement. Attorneys can determine whether settlement offers are fair. They can also negotiate settlements for clients, which may result in a higher payout. The families of pedestrians who suffer severe disabilities such as brain injuries can sue on their behalf. If an individual succumbs to their injuries, their family can file a wrongful death lawsuit. 

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