The Basics Of Disability Discrimination Law

27 June 2019
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The feeling that you've been discriminated against due to a disability can be worrying, especially if the discrimination gets in the way of work, education, and other activities that are important to you. In the U.S., there are several federal laws that prohibit such conduct. Depending on the state you live in, there may also be additional protections at that level. The big one, however, is the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Read More 

3 Areas Of Compensation An Attorney Can Get You After A Car Accident

21 May 2019
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If you are in a car accident that was not your fault, there is no reason to spend any time negotiating with the other driver's insurance company. You are likely to be seriously shortchanged. Insurance companies are looking to settle for the least amount possible, so the last thing they want to see is that you are hiring an attorney. The following are three areas of compensation that you will be entitled to, as well as a quick explanation of how a lawyer can help you. Read More 

The Big Issue: To Accept Or Decline A Personal Injury Settlement Offer

24 April 2019
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If you are pursuing a personal injury case, there comes a time when you have to decide whether or not to accept a settlement offer. This is the time when the insurance adjuster or defendant convinces you that they cannot make a better offer. Consider the following factors before you accept or decline such an offer. The Value of the Case The value of the case depends on the physical and monetary damages you have suffered as a result of the accident. Read More 

Proper Property Divisions And Divorce

17 March 2019
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When you and your spouse split up, your belongings also part ways. The way divorce deals with property like your home, your vehicles, the bank account, and even pets depends on a number of factors. It pays to understand what is meant by marital property and how to handle it during the divorce, so read on to learn more. What is Property? Whether it's considered marital property or separate property, it includes: Read More 

5 Signs You Should Hire A Car Accident Attorney

28 January 2019
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Handing the aftermath of a car accident is never easy. Regardless of the extent of the damage or injuries, there are many situations where a straightforward incident turns into an ordeal you'd want to forget. Going through such experiences on your own is even harder. However, you can easily lighten your load by making the decision to hire a personal injury attorney. Some people would rather try and handle things on their own. Read More