Why You Need A Real Estate Legal Professional

31 August 2021
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The American legal system provides various legal services, and attorneys often specialize in a particular field. Real estate lawyers are the most qualified professionals to handle issues arising from selling and purchasing properties. They can help their clients navigate buying, selling, and leasing commercial and residential properties. Real estate law attorneys defend various parties, including tenants, landlords, and landowners, whenever their rights are undermined. Real estate law attorneys have the professional competence for effective representation, whether for zoning, foreclosure, or property development issues. Read More 

What Can The Police Lie About During An Investigation?

29 July 2021
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One aspect of criminal law that leaves many people shocked is that the police have legal room to lie to suspects and even witnesses. If you're under investigation, you probably just started wondering exactly what the police can and can't lie about. Also, you're probably curious about how you can deal with this problem. Keep reading to learn about this issue and what criminal lawyers prefer their clients to do. Read More 

How to Create an Enforceable Rental Lease

22 June 2021
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When investing in a rental property, you will need tenants who will pay rent on time and will not damage your investment. However, if you do not create an enforceable lease, you may find it much more difficult to protect your property if you rent to the wrong type of tenant by accident. Fortunately, a landlord-tenant attorney can assist you in creating a lease. Customize Your Lease There are lease templates you may download but you would be better off working with an attorney who can assist you in creating a lease that is tailored to your unique situation. Read More 

Can You Sue the At-Fault Driver if They Carry Inadequate Insurance?

20 May 2021
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Depending on your state, you and all other drivers on the road are required to carry a certain amount of car insurance. This insurance coverage is designed to cover expenses like property damage and medical bills if you get involved in an accident. However, depending on the type of insurance you have and what coverage the other driver has, your insurance payout after an accident might fall short. You should ask a personal injury attorney whether it would be worth filing a lawsuit against the driver or their insurance company. Read More 

When Automated Calls Cross The Line From Annoying To Illegal And How You Can Protect Yourself

16 April 2021
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Just about everyone with access to a phone has at one time or another answered the phone just to be greeted by an automated system that either aimed to sell them something or to collect on a debt. While there is no question that these calls certainly constitute an annoyance or inconvenience, many make actually go further and cross over into the territory of illegal behavior. This is because there are many federal and state laws in place that are designed to protect consumers against what is often referred to as telemarketer abuse. Read More