Feel Free To Put Your Divorce On Hold In The Following Scenarios

18 November 2018
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Many couples decide to move forward with a divorce, only to get partway through the proceedings and then begin to have second thoughts. There's no harm in stopping to re-evaluate things, and you shouldn't be worried that your divorce attorney will pressure you into continuing. Even though divorce attorneys help people end their marriages, they understand the many benefits of staying together — and a good divorce attorney will tell you to explore rebuilding your marriage if you believe there's value in doing so. Read More 

What to Do When a Divorce Gets Ugly

10 October 2018
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The divorce process can stir up plenty of emotions, and it can be especially challenging to deal with if one side is insistent on turning it into a fight. However, it is important to come at the process with the goal of being as productive as possible. Keep these tips in mind if your divorce is beginning to turn ugly. Stay as Calm as Possible One reason a person may seek the support of a divorce lawyer is to install a buffer between them and their former partner. Read More 

Should You Trademark Your Blog Name?

5 September 2018
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If you're out there on the internet making a name for yourself as a beauty guide, fitness guru, gamer, or some other type of social media influencer, you probably have a blog.  But, do you have a trademark? If you haven't thought about trademarking your blog name, it's time to learn more about why it might be a good idea—and how to do it.  Why should you trademark your blog name? Read More 

Tips On Developing An Effective Working Relationship With Your Personal Injury Lawyer

31 July 2018
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If you're filing a personal injury lawsuit for the first time and plan to hire an attorney, such as those at Steele Law Offices, LLC,  you might be in the dark about what to expect. The experience is often much different from what you see on television or in the movies and if you have never worked with an attorney before it can sometimes be hard to know how to navigate the process. Read More 

You May Have A Stress-Related Workers’ Comp Case Due To These Difficult Situations

28 June 2018
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People often associate workers' compensation cases with workplace injuries, and while a large percentage of these cases focus on helping those who were physically injured at work, this isn't always the case. Workers' comp cases can also arise because of an employee's stress that directly resulted from the workplace. If you've encountered a significant amount of stress that you need to take leave from your job or even quit, you may wish to hire a workers' compensation attorney and discuss your situation. Read More